A Sheriff working FOR you, working WITH you and helping to build a safer community TOGETHER!                A Sheriff working FOR you, working WITH you and helping to build a safer community TOGETHER!










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I have been honored to serve Halifax County citizens as Sheriff for the past four years.” “My dedication is to the office and to the citizens we serve, working to provide the highest level of law enforcement services and professionalism to the community. I will continue to move the sheriff's office forward with the progress we have made during my tenure of rebuilding community relations and implementing proactive law enforcement and safety programs. I will continue my open-door policy and remain accessible to all citizens.

Our office prides itself in being transparent and accountable to all the citizens we serve. I believe accessibility to the public is the cornerstone of any sheriff’s administration, and I am committed to being a visible and accessible public officer. Accessibility to the citizens is a critical part of the sheriff’s duties. I have attended numerous social, civic, church, sporting and fundraising events to give anyone an opportunity to talk with their Sheriff.

Working together we can make Halifax County a much better and safe place to live and rear our families and prosper in a diverse community.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 3rd. Thank you and God bless you and your family.


Fred was born and raised in Halifax County. He graduated from Halifax County High School in 1982, received an Associate's Degree from Danville Community College in 1984 and graduated from the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy in 1992. He is a dedicated husband to Beverly Conner Clark, the father of three children - Cullen, Sam and Isaac. He is a member of Catawba Baptist Church and currently serves as a deacon.

Fred has served as Sheriff of Halifax County for the past four years. His accomplishments have established a Sheriff’s Office committed to professionalism, community involvement and dedication. He has raised safety awareness by implementing many programs such as business checks, school checks, and re-establishing the Neighborhood Watch Community Awareness. During Fred’s tenure, citizens of Halifax County have reconnected with law enforcement in a fun and positive environment through such events as National Night Out, the law enforcement Easter Egg Hunt and Stuff the Cruiser Program.

Clark also serves on the Drug Court Planning Team and has attended training provided by the National Drug Court Institute on Adult Drug Court Planning Initiative. He has completed a series of webinar trainings on how drug courts can effectively reduce costs of sending drug addicts to jail.

He also is a board member of the Mentor Role Model Program and is active in numerous other civic and community organizations.

He is a member of the Virginia Sheriff’s Association where he serves on the by-laws committee and a member of the National Sheriff’s Association.

In addition to his experience in law enforcement, three decades of serving as a volunteer firefighter have taught Fred to be considerate of people in times of crisis and helped him to better handle emergency situations.


  Committed to Serving the Citizens of Halifax County
  Law Experience: Jail Deputy, Deputy Sheriff & Magistrate
  Accessible to Citizens, Business Owners and Community
  Responsible and Conscientious with Your Tax Dollars
  Keeping Halifax County Safe Is My First Priority